Thursday, May 24, 2012

No More Chest Tube - Yeah!!

Ava had a monumental day today. They were finally able to remove the breathing tube and one chest tube of three. They removed it this morning and she has been doing wonderfully since then. When Laura the nurse called Brad to say that the tube was out, she put the phone next to Ava and he could hear her making noises. She also wanted to suck so they gave her the pacifier and when I got to her room, she was sleeping but sucking away on that thing. I let her rest and then went back to see her again later after I fed Aidan. Her eyes were wide open and she looks so beautiful without that tube. I went up later this evening after my dad got here and was able to hold her for the first time. It took two nurses to hold all of her lines so they could get her on my lap, but we made it happen. Ava wasn't sure what to think at first because she has never been held before, but once we started rocking she settled in and I loved every minute of it. I think she did too. :) Today is a day I will never forget and we are so thrilled she finally reached this milestone. Brad came down with a horrible cold on Tuesday night, so he hasn't be able to see the kids the last two days. He is really bummed he didn't get to see Ava on her big day, but we don't want her to get sick. Hopefully he will be on the mend soon and able to hold his little girl. I hope you enjoy the pictures and please continue to keep Ava in your prayers. She has a long journey ahead of her, but today was a giant step in the right direction. 

Wow....a pacifier. I think I like it! Much better than the tube!!

Mommy trying to soothe Ava. 

Mommy and Ava. I cannot believe I am finally holding my precious daughter in my arms. 

Grandpa DeShaw visiting Ava on her big day. 


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I've been wondering and waiting all day, hoping to hear this wonderful news! It brought tears to my eyes. I know Ava feels so much better with the tubes gone, but I bet it feels even better to finally be wrapped in love by her mommy's arms! Daddy is next! Here's to many more giant steps to come! Theresa Ellisom

Anonymous said...

Fantastic day! So happy to hear the good news! Jenny Adamson

Anonymous said...

TEARS here too. So happy for you and seeing you have that natural mother glow/smile is awesome. Will be praying that Brad will be on the mend soon and be able to hold his little precious girl too. Wendy

Anonymous said...

She looks so happy and looks like she's smiling in your arms - such an exciting day!!!

Sharie Sutton

lisa said...

Joy!!!! What a miracle she is and how wonderful to see her finally in your arms where she belongs. Love to the four of you!!

Anonymous said...

Two beautiful girls! Thanks for sharing these precious pictures.


Aunt Merla said...

Brad & Christina,
So thankful & happy to hear of Baby Ava's latest accomplishment. Your babies are truly blessed to have such wonderful parents. Thanks for sharing all the precious pictures. You all are continually in my prayers. Much love. Aunt Merla

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